Online Share Plan System
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We provides a one-stop solution for all your share plan needs:

We offer companies our Online Share Plan System, hosted securely in a tier-3 data centre in Singapore. The Software as a Service (SaaS) powered and proven capabilities of our web-based system automates the workflow of administering, exercising/ vesting and tracking of all types of share/ cash incentive plans, without the need to invest in expensive IT infrastructures and software licences.

It is a highly versatile system in which all modules can be integrated to form a complete share plan management system. Each module can also function independently as a standalone system or can be combined with another module depending on your requirements. We can customise the system according to your needs.


Full Outsourced Administrative Services Subscription Services
  • Administer share plan(s) on your behalf
  • Provide help desk support
  • Hosting of System
  • License to use
  • Client’s own in-house manpower
  • Hosting of System
  • License to use

  • Increases productivity, saves time and money
  • Automates tedious administrative work of share plan management
  • Highly reliable and secure system assures data integrity
  • Easy retrieval and tracking of information
  • Generates grant/ award letters via email to employees, minimising human error
  • Automatic trigger of email notifications or reminders to the respective roles, according to the workflow
  • Generates comprehensive, accurate and timely reports (more than 10 reports available) and forms
  • Enables faster listing/ crediting of shares by generating SGX letter, ALA form/ Form 4.2, CDP form/ text and Allotment form
  • Relieves HR and Company Secretary to focus on core issues
  • Interface with the Share Registrar to issue share certificates to SGX/ CDP
  • Allows 24 hours of self-service access by employees and HR anytime and anywhere via Internet
  • Caters for different user roles and access control; access to the system is restricted based on the roles assigned
  • Employee can view up-to-date balance and historical transaction records in his personal ledger
  • Compliance with your company's share plan rules and policies, i.e. policies to implement blackout period and restriction
  • Generates comprehensive and detailed Expensing/ Amortisation Report for your Finance Department

Our corporate clients include: